It looks like Real Madrid will be heading back to the US for this summer’s pre-season tour, but will not make the same mistake as last season.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images Sport

Unlike the last five years, playing on both East and West coasts, Los Blancos will set up base on the East Coast between Boston, New York and Washington, three cities which are separated by approximately 300 kilometres, in a bid to reduce the amount of travelling involved.

Last summer, after the 24-hour trip to Australia, players such as Ronaldo & Modric complained of near exhaustion, so the club are keen not to repeat such a farce and are getting plans in place already. Even though this particular trip earned Real Madrid a reported €19million euros for the four games (€12million for the two games in Australia and €7million for two in China), eyebrows were raised at just what the cost would be on the pitch to the players.

AS are reporting that through José Ángel Sánchez, who is at the helm of all the negotiations, the final dates of the three games on the East Coast are yet to be finalised. Also, as part of the deal to take Toni Kroos to Madrid, Real will also have to squeeze in a friendly with Bayern Munich in which the German champions will receive all the takings from the game.