With 10 games and 40 goals in the opening weekend of La Liga, the following weekends were always going to have a sense of heightened expectation.

Matchday two saw a number of games that piqued the interest of La Liga fans and viewers across the world. Villarreal – Sevilla, Las Palmas – Granada and Real Madrid – Celta were games that, on paper, had the potential to be something special. However, not all turned out that way.

This week saw four goalless draws, a six-goal game in Gran Canaria and just 17 goals in total. As a result of this weekend’s games, two of the newly promoted sides remain unbeaten, while three teams are yet to pick up a point in the league.

There’s surprise leaders at the top of the table, and every team has scored at least one goal after two games each.

Below is a round-up of all 10 La Liga games from the weekend – which was your favourite?